Man of the World Season 1 Episode 2: Masquerade in Spain

An interesting assignment for Michael Strait photographing the reclusive daughter of one of the richest men in the world.  The mere act of publishing the photos of the daughter would risk her life as she tries to maintain a life outside of her fathers Spanish villa. Michael Strait is all too willing to help but finds himself in a plot in which everyone tried to avoid.

Personal Synopsis

A long term concocted plan to hide the identity of the daughter comes to an exploding end or so it seems. This colour pilot episode brightens up this storyline and is set on the coast of Spain near the Strait of Gibraltar. The scenes of the blue ocean, tree lined villas and yachts really encapsulate the jet-set experience of the rich and famous. Graham Stark, who is a regular in one of my favourite movie series The Pink Panther, also makes an appearance.

Original Air-Date: October 6th 1962

Directed by David Greene

Written by Lindsay Hardy

Michael Strait- Craig Stevens

Maggie Warren- Tracy Reed

Hank- Graham Stark

Denzo- Clifford Evans

Cleo- Marie France

Melissa- Christina Gregg

Gomez- George Coulouris

Sebastian- George Pastell

Martin Lennard- Guy Kingsley Poynter

Stavros- Noel Coleman

Miguel- Andreas Malandrinos

Beauty Shop Girl- Malou Pantera

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