Man of the World Season 1 Episode 1: Death of a Conference

Tensions are rising between the Algerian delegates and the French ruling military presence.  A conference is to be held to find a peaceful resolution for both parties in the wake of an assassination of a local freedom fighter. Michael Strait is tasked to attend and find out the truth to why there is sabotage in the air.

Personal Synopsis

A picture is worth more than a thousand words and this first episode of the Man of the World series begin right away with powerful footage of rioting Algerian revolutionaries against the occupying French government. The foundation is set for the series and the character of Michael Strait, played by Craig Stevens, by establishing his credibility as a world-renowned photographer and international influencer on governments and politicians. Tracy Reed as Maggie Warren adds an elegance to the series which almost demands it with all the jet setting men around.

Original Air-Date: September 29th 1962

Directed by David Greene

Written by Tudor Gates

Michael Strait- Craig Stevens

Maggie Warren- Tracy Reed

Alex- Warren Mitchell

General Montreaux- John Phillips

Thiboeuf- Patrick Troughton

Madame Thiboeuf- Zena Marshall

Hadi- Carl Jaffe

Said- John Carson

Dalguib- Mark Dignam

Duchamp- Gerald Flood

Captain of the Guard- Alan Rowe

Hafiz- David Grahame

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