The Sentimental Agent Episode 13: A Box of Tricks

The region of Palabria rejects a no strings attached £ 11 million gift from the Dollar for Europe trust.  But why? Now with only 3 days before the trust opportunity expires Bill Randall must head to Palabria to find out what happened to such an easy deal.  The Dollars for Europe Trust would be an easy commission for Mercury so Bill’s interests are not just the people of Palabria.  Bill and Chin have a couple of tricks up their sleeves to please all interested parties.

Personal Synopsis

The final episode of this series starts with a very rough edit of Carlos Verela heading out by ship with a beautiful lady, perhaps to close off the series with an appearance of the sentimental agent. Carlos has been missing from the last two episodes. Now that Carlos is gone, Bill Randall, Chin and Miss Carter must handle the business of Mercury International. This episode view into the world of bribes and mild corruption certainly seems feasible in reality and likely was inspired by “gifts” pouring into Europe after World War 2.  A decent way to send off this series with a Mercury International happy ending.

Original Air-Date: December 21st 1963

Directed by Harold French

Written by Ian Stuart Black

Bill Randall- John Turner

Chin- Burt Kwouk

Miss Carter- Clemence Bettany

Mateo – Gary Raymond

Rita – Zena Marshall

Miss Ryman – Louise Collins

General – Richard Warner

Count De Rici – Ferdy Mayne

Souza – Walter Gotell

Dali – George Pastell

Torta – Robert Rietty

Bilbo – John Gabriel

Piero – Michael Golden

Nalo – Noel Trevarthen

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