The Sentimental Agent Episode 10: Finishing School

Found hands behind her back and gagged, a young lady fearfully tells of the kidnapping of the daughter of a rich texan oil baron. The highly esteemed finishing school’s matron is given the ransom note but instead of talking to the police decides to call a trusted friend, Carlos. Bill Randall is in Carlos’s place and so the race begins to solve kidnapping case.

Personal Synopsis

A classic story of a young woman’s fake kidnapping to escape her destined upbringing procured by her parents. Annette Andre with her odd Texan accent takes advantage of those around her and finds herself in displeasure of what mess she put herself in. The missing Carlos Thompson is still quite obvious as there still is no storyline of Bill Randall’s connection to Mercury International. Perhaps this will come soon.

Original Air-Date: November 30th 1963

Directed by Harry Fine

Written by Betty Paul

Bill Randall- John Turner

Chin- Burt Kwouk

Miss Carter- Clemence Bettany

Lady Graffham- Helen Cherry

Philippa- Susan Clark

Betsy Ann- Annette Andre

Chips- Andrew Ray

Caroline- Sonia Fox

Miss Woodfall- Josephine Woodford

Marlow- Michael Forrest

Doctor- Ballard Berkeley

Ling- Robert Lee

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