The Sentimental Agent Episode 8: The Height of Fashion

A shipload has been returned after being refused at its destination. Transturkamania’s calvary  was due to get coats for their horses but after a change in government they no longer need them. Without any way out of this bad deal, Bill Randall tries his salesmanship skills to recoup some of this loss. How can one sell horse coats which do not fit normal horses? If he cannot it will be a royal debacle.

Personal Synopsis

Carlos is off to the USA but business must still go on. Mercury International is entrusted to Bill Randall who must take the lead. In reality, Carlos Thompson who plays the lead of The Sentimental Agent decided he did not want to continue on with the filming schedule along with the tantamount issue of having very little English skills. Nonetheless this episode still shows the ITC production teams were capable of carrying on. One nice benefit of Carlos’s departure is the added screen time of Burt Kwouk and Clemence Bettany, this episode also has an addition of Sue Lloyd a regular ITC actress on this blog.

Original Air-Date: November 16th 1963

Directed by Charles Frend

Written by Betty Paul

Bill Randall- John Turner

Victor Frey- Dennis Price

Chin- Burt Kwouk

Miss Carter- Clemence Bettany

Jackie- Sue Lloyd

Mr. Fripp- Anton Rodgers

Dr. Abu- Marne Maitland

Sally Clare- Judy Parfitt

Mr. Giddy- Noel Howlett

Miss Smyth Wilberforce- Judith Furse

Anita- Hazel Hughes

Mac- Fred Griffiths

Ship’s Officer- Denys Graham


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