The Sentimental Agent Episode 7: A Little Sweetness and Light

A road accident and death of a long and trusted friend spurs Carlos on a search for what happened on a small Greek island. A new gangster in town is taking over the small islands businesses in deadly ways. Carlos becomes in danger himself as he involves himself in the commerce dealings of the island and its inhabitants. He begins to engage with his old friends to fight against the hold that this racket has put on them.

Personal Synopsis

Carlos’s business started on these kind of small islands and so comes his admiration to the local scene. When a disruption comes to this island, he jumps in to find out what is happening. Im sure that there are plenty of real life examples of isolated towns that become victim to a racket. A Little Sweetness and Light brings to light just the scenario. A highlight for me is Patrick Allen who plays Petrides who acted in a number of ITC shows such as The Champions, The Protectors and The Baron.

Original Air-Date: November 9th 1963

Directed by Harold French

Written by Tudor Gates

Carlos Varela- Carlos Thompson

Chin- Burt Kwouk

Miss Carter- Clemence Bettany

Petrides- Patrick Allen

Melina- Zena Marshall

Ridou- Patrick Newell

Astolat- Martin Miller

Miss Mithras- Eileen Way

Isigonnis- Charles Farrell

Auctioneer- Murray Kash

Andrea- Raymond Ray

Waiter- Louis Mansi

Martis- Andreas Markos

Plessis- Dimitri Andreas


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