The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 2 Episode 27: The York Treasure

Robin Hood_The York Treasure Title Card

An old friend Joseph of Cordoba and a young companion Esther are in Nottingham forest to find Robin Hood. There plight to assist refugees escaping persecution in Europe by ship has met its own troubles. They must safe guard the York treasure from the prying arms of Malbete and the Sheriff of Nottingham and safely hand it over to the ships crew. Robin Hood and Little John will join Esther in reaching the coast to receive the ship of refugees and to protect the York Treasure.

Personal Synopsis

“The two are inseparable just like noodles and soup” . The York Treasure speaks loudly about the persecution of minorities and the xenophobic nature of those who are unfamiliar with those minorities. It is easy to see the parallels being drawn between the refugees in this episode and the real life persecutions of the jews who in recent history suffered under oppression by those who did not accept them. This strong voiced and provacative episode is notable for such an effort to infuse such a highly contentious political subject into this series. Clare Thorne should have had more than just one episode to her credit.

Original Air-Date: April 1st 1957

Directed by Terry Bishop

Written by Clare Thorne

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Little John- Archie Duncan

Esther- Helena de Crespo

Joseph of Cordoba- Karel Stepanek

Malbete- Allan Cuthbertson

Alfred- Emrys Leyshon

Aaron- Paul Eddington

Fisherman- Wilfrid Brambell

Large Man- Desmond Roberts

Drinker- Edmond Warwick


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