The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 2 Episode 26: The Dowry

A merchant from London and his daughter Bess are making their way through Nottingham Forest. Their journey is to bring Sir Harold a dowry for the marriage to Bess. The outlaws miss their chance to steal the dowry but end up with an even greater prize to bargain with.

Personal Synopsis

A tale of love doesn’t often involve a dowry or an outlaw for that matter. This episode includes that and also tells the story of a father whom would offer his daughter to a questionable man with only the intent to become a noble himself. Despite this almost inevitable marriage the outlaws find a way to convince otherwise.

Original Air-Date: March 25th 1957

Directed by Anthony Squire

Written by Neil R. Collins 

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Little John- Archie Duncan

Bess- Jeanette Hutchinson

Garth- David Cameron

Sir Harold- Paul Eddington

Judd- William Mervyn

Alan-a-Dale- John Schlesinger

Man-at-arms- Edmond Warwick



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