The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 2 Episode 23: Flight from France

Robin Hood and Friar Tuck are in France on a secret mission. A local wine merchant is suspected to be in cahoots with Prince John. With the help of french locals, Robin and Friar Tuck must stop any messages being sent to the french allies of Prince John.

Personal Synopsis

Outside of Nottingham green, this episode is set in France as the breadth of Prince Johns power extends to other parts of the world. Robin Hood and Friar Tuck will step into a new world that involves other folks who fight against the powerful class.

Original Air-Date: March 4th 1957

Directed by Terry Bishop

Written by Milton Schlesinger

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Friar Tuck- Alexander Gauge

Michele- Ingeborg von Kusserow

Duc de Mirancy- Alec Mango

Emile- Michael Barrington

Duc de Guise- Paul Eddington

Old Duke- Roy Russell

Fat Duke- Bryan Coleman

Sir Roderick Gascon- Alan Edwards

Servant- Edmond Warwick


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