The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 2 Episode 22: The Goldmaker’s Return

The alchemist Lepidus is known for being able to make gold. The sheriff has his own intentions with such a magic and gives Lepidus an ultimatum that he will have 6 days to produce gold or be sent to his death. When word gets out of his abilities, greed compels Sir Peter and Sir Paul to also seek their golden fortunes. However the outlaws have another plan in mind.


Personal Synopsis

The second episode featuring Lepidus as the gold making alchemist and still greed drives those around to seek out their magic gotten fortunes. No Robin Hood in this episode however the outlaws take up the sword and do their bit to help King Richard.

Original Air-Date: February 22nd 1957

Directed by Terry Bishop

Written by Alan Moreland

Maid Marian- Bernadette O’Farrell

Little John- Archie Duncan

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Lepidus- Alfie Bass

Sir Peter- Bryan Coleman

Sir Paul- Paul Eddington

Derwent- Victor Woolf

Will- Tony Thawnton

Lt. Howard- Alan Edwards

Guard- Terry Yorke


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