The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 2 Episode 5: The Goldmaker

Sir Richard of the Lea is no good with his money and now owes more than half of Nottingham’s merchants. As Robin steps in to help out this loyal friend of King Richard, he notices that Sir Richards lust for gold or so it seems has not been hindered by his debtors knocking down his door. A mysterious man has convinced Sir Richard that the best way to make money is to actually make money but the sheriff has his ears perked about The Goldmaker.

Personal Synopsis

All that glitters is gold? At least the idea glitters in the mind of those seeking more. A story of greed that exploits the desires for riches, and eventually teaching a much needed lesson to the sheriff and Sir Richard of the Lea as well. This episode is a clear reflection of the political beliefs of the shows producers showing that greed will only get you so far.

Original Air-Date: October 29th 1956

Directed by Terry Bishop

Written by Paul Symonds

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Maid Marian- Bernadette O’Farrell

Lepidus- Alfie Bass

Sir Richard of the Lea- Ian Hunter

Lieutenant- Anthony Baird

Mercer- Peter Bennett

Goldsmith- Victor Woolf

Ned/Outlaw- Paul Hansard

Will/Outlaw- Shaun O’Riordan

Man-at-arms- Edward Mulhare

Forester- Willoughby Gray

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