The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 18: The Not-So Merry Widow

Bradley has found himself in the newspapers again, lately he has been seen with Lady Diane Battersley or at least thats what the pictures say. When Lady Battersley comes to tell Bradley that this news story was only used to rekindle the Battersley relationship, the suspicions arise. The suspicions he had, become justified when he is the likely No. 1 suspect in a missing person or possibly murder criminal investigation. Bradley is willing to go through with this game to see where it takes him which could ultimately get him into prison.

Personal Synopsis

Another episode surprisingly with a good plot, that although not original was written well enough to grab my attention. The frame Bradley plot really allowed for the guest actors to shine and the writers deserve some praise as the dialogue is noticeably better lately. A good cast of seasoned actors helps as well.

Bradley : “The door was open”

Vanessa: “So is the top button of my shirt and that doesn’t mean that everything underneath isn’t private property.”

Original Air-Date: 1973

Directed by Cyril Frankel

Written by Martin Roth

Gene Bradley- Gene Barry

Mr. Parminter- Barry Morse

Vanessa- Angela Douglas

Reporter- Nicholas Evans

Sir Walter Battersley- Alan Judd

Geoffrey Cains- Maurice Kaufmann

Insp. Chilton- Charles Kay

Lady Diana Battersley- Barbara Murray

Brandon- Dennis Price

Reporter- David Rayner

Hotel Manager- Geoffrey Russell

You can Buy the DVD here:


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