The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1: Conclusion

We have made it to the end of Season 1 of The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Hannah Weinstein (she’s rad) had approached Lew Grade with the big plans for a series based upon the legend of Robin Loxley aka Robin Hood. The show was quickly picked up for both the UK and the USA television markets.

In 1955, this show full of left wingers and blacklisted writers from the US is distributed by ITC Entertainment was a hit both sides of the Atlantic. This success triggered the green light for other series to be created such as The Adventures of Sir Lancelot, The Buccaneers, Sword of Freedom and The Four Just Men.

Richard Greene plays the lead role of Robin Hood joined along other notable actors like Alan Wheatley, Archie Duncan, Ronald Howard and later Paul Eddington. The Adventures of Robin Hood has an excellent record for cameos from up and coming actors that we would know from more popular movies and television series.

Season 1 is 39 episodes long, which sets the tone for the series and begins to build up the storyline for Robin Hood, his Outlaws and the other antagonists cast. We meet Robin Hood and start to see his transition into the fellow villagers trust and then into their hearts as a champion against Prince John, the crafty Sheriff of Nottingham and yes the minions.

Season 2 is soon to pop out its head with the ongoing saga of Medieval England life in Nottinghamshire butted against the tyranny of Prince John.

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