The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Episode 38: The Wager

A wager between Friar Tuck and Robin Hood seeks to prove who can make the most money for the hideouts treasury. The Friar will utilise his position in the church and Robin will play a beggars role. Along the way, Robins cover is blown and must escape the grasp of the sheriffs men. The wager is settled but only with the help of some divine intervention.

Personal Synopsis

A thin storyline that never captured my attention, The Wager, shows a playful side to the Outlaws and Friar Tucks life in Sherwood Forest. A wager is made to find out once and for all who can make more money a beggar or a friar. The adventures that transpire get Robin Hood in trouble, and Friar Tuck showing that the more passive approach could reap the same or even more rewards in the end.

Original Air-Date: June 11th 1956

Directed by Bernard Knowles

Written by Warren Howard

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Friar Tuck- Alexander Gauge

Blind Beggar- Geoffrey Keen

Beggar- George Rose

Dumb Beggar- Leonard Sharp

Lame Beggar- John Watson

Deaf Beggar- Gabriel Toyne

Feeble Beggar- John Dearth

Tall Monk- Willoughby Gray

Short Monk- Victor Woolf

Lt. Howard- Charles Stapley

Mistress Rawlins- Gudrun Ure

You can Buy the DVD here:

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