The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Episode 37: The Knight Who Came to Dinner

A knight has been ambushed on the road and brought to the Outlaws camp for dinner. Come to find out that Sir Richard of the Lea is in his own trouble. His lands are to be given to the Abbott for failing to pay an outstanding loan which he cannot pay. Robin and the Outlaws pitch in to help Sir Richard retain his lands without conditions.

Personal Synopsis

A crooked Abbott and a knight with loyalties to King Richard, of course the crew would step in to help. The knight, Sir Richard of the Lea, has his first appearance, he will become a common character as a King Richard devoted knight in this Adventures in Robin Hood series.

Original Air-Date: June 4th 1956

Directed by Ralph Smart

Written by Eric Heath

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Sir Richard of the Lea- Ian Hunter

Little John- Archie Duncan

Friar Tuck- Alexander Gauge

Maid Marian- Bernadette O’Farrell

Sir Bertram- Robin Bailey

Abbot- Frank Royde

Aubrey/Outlaw- Willoughby Gray

Cedric/Monk- Victor Woolf

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