The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Episode 36: The Thorkil Ghost

Harolds father is dead, rumour has it that he had been killed by a ghost but Robin doesn’t believe it. The land for which the castle lies upon is connected with a story of an old Viking named Thorkil and his tomb being filled with treasure from many of his raids. The Outlaws join in on unveiling the mystery of the ghost of Thorkil and the find the murderer of Harolds father.  The Thorkil ghost shows itself sparking the chase for answers which comes from an unlikely source. The search for the supernatural becomes futile as real lives are threatened.

Personal Synopsis

A sordid tale of greed, a viking and a fantastic treasure. The Thorkil Ghost brings vikings into the Robin Hood world in this story of a lost treasure and the ghost that aims to kill. Captivated by a new storyline and the historical connection of vikings occupation of the British Isles this episode is a great watch and a lot of notable regular actors such as Ian Whittaker.

Original Air-Date: May 28th 1956

Directed by Terence Fisher

Written by Arthur Behr

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Maid Marian- Bernadette O’Farrell

Lady Elsbeth- Barbara Mullen

Harold- Ian Whittaker

Edmund/Outlaw- Charles Stapley

Ned- John Longden

Quentin- Arthur Skinner

Derwent- Victor Woolf

Bodo- John Dearth

Noel- Michael McKeag

Page- Sandy Lyle

You can Buy the DVD here:

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