The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Episode 13: The Youngest Outlaw

A young lad dreams of being an Outlaw and it looks like he will have his chance. He is seeking to find the noble knights that fight tyranny and he is also hiding a secret. Robin and the Outlaws show him that being an Outlaw isn’t all sword fights and saving the villagers. The conditions the Outlaws are in surprises the kid but he takes it all in stride trying to show his tenacity to fit in.  A representative of the boys family has requested Robin to bring the boy back to his mother but something goes awry.

Personal Synopsis

The heir to the thrown, a young boy,  is sick of the courts pageantry and seeks to become an outlaw. Robin and the outlaws take him in even before realizing who the boy really is. This story shows the young lad’s wishes for adventure that winds up taking him into real danger. One of the better episodes in this first season.

Original Air-Date:  19 December 1955

Directed by Bernard Knowles

Written by John Dyson

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Alfred- Victor Woolf

Little John- Rufus Cruikshank

Friar Tuck- Alexander Gauge

Maid Marian- Bernadette O’Farrell

Lord Torrance- Bruce Seton

Lady Torrance- Patricia Burke

Prince Arthur- Peter Asher

Joan- Simone Lovell

Cedric- Willoughby Gray

You can Buy the DVD here:


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