The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 6: Counterstrike

Gene is adamant to free Andrei Korony, a renown scientist, from the iron curtain despite what Mr. Parminter wants. The task will be harder than Gene thinks. First to get in then to infiltrate the local village and speak with Korony’s niece to find out Andrei’s whereabouts. Upon speaking with the villagers, Gene eventually finds out where Korony is hiding but he is hiding from some pursuing thugs that are trying to use Gene to find Korony for themselves. Outsmarting these thugs will mean not only find Korony but also to escape without losing his own life.

Personal Synopsis

The iron curtain has long been used as the antagonist mythical government faction that gets in the way of the covert spy. This episode uses this premise for the escape attempt of a known scientist, Korony, from the grasp of the iron curtains soldiers. I felt more comfortable with this episode as it aligned esthetically with a considerable amount of other ITC shows. The overall quality was better than previous episodes but still shines a light on its weak plot and poor execution of the acting crew.

Original Air-Date: 1972

Directed by Paul Dickson

Written by Tony Williamson

Gene Bradley- Gene Barry

Mr. Parminter- Barry Morse

Diane Marsh- Catherine Schell

Gavin Jones- Garrick Hagon

Andrei Korony- John Herrington

Waitress- Anna Kilpinen

Jansen- John Malcolm

Lanik- George Mikell

Woodsman- Frederick Schiller

Karen Voriska- Kara Wilson

Prokov- Martin Wyldeck

You can Buy the DVD here:


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