The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Episode 11: A Husband for Marian

Marian’s hand in marriage is in the sights of a rogue crusader, Sir Hubert De Vere. His intentions for fighting with the rich knights was to find one of their daughters whom he could marry. Robin knows this man has no true intentions with Marian and speaks with her about squashing his attempts which she doesn’t believe. A trick was proposed to prove to Marian that this man was after her money. Dressed as the maid, Marian sees that Sir Hubert De Vere was a dirty scoundrel and wishes for him to leave without her hand. This plan backfires and Sir Hubert De Vere still proceeds in his attempts at getting Maid Marian. How will she get out of this debacle.

Personal Synopsis

Maid Marian is beautiful, single and free to marry many eligible knights. Her desirability brings all types for her hand in marriage. Of course, Robin Hood also would like to have her hand but cannot due to his “crimes”. The man who was given to her turns out to be just seeking her money and a flirt with the maids. This being a time in history where Marian would not have the choice, she has to find a way to scare him off. Robin has a plan but it involves brute force, a cliché of men fighting for their women, but it may be the only way.

Original Air-Date:  5 December 1955

Directed by Bernard Knowles

Written by John Dyson 

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Maid Marian- Bernadette O’Farrell

Sir Hubert De Vere- Brian Worth

Ada- Thora Hird

Uncle George Fitzwalter- A.J. Brown

Manservant/ Outlaw- Paul Connell

Spectator- John Dearth

Outlaw- Willoughby Gray

Dick- Arthur Skinner

Outlaw- Gabriel Toyne

Derwent- Victor Woolf

Little John- Rufus Cruikshank

Friar Tuck- Alexander Gauge

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