The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 3: Thrust and Counter Thrust

A man, named Jurzyck, is followed in his car and forced off the road. The car is smashed but there is no sign of the body. A mystery indeed that Gene will need to solve. The Countess Marie is an excellent sparring partner however Gene still gets his invitation to her villa for a more intimate setting. Jurzyck is privvy to the miltary’s codes and  is supposedly locked up in her villa by a Colonel Andreyev. Gene prepares his next step by bringing in his crew of Diane and Gavin to have a look around while Gene entertains. A covert effort to send a message to Jurzyck is overhead starting to point the colonel’s suspicion toward Gene and his party. Time is running short to get Jurzyck out and to save their own skin.

Personal Synopsis

A convoluted story about a man with military secrets being holed in a villa by a colonel and a group of government official and a beautiful lady. Sounds complicated because it is. I began understanding the criticism about the lack of quality writing with this episode. As I usually say, I can still enjoy this episode simply for locations and overall kitschiness.

Original Air-Date: 1972

Directed by Paul Dickson

Written by Frank Telford

Gene Bradley- Gene Barry

Baron Drovotkin- Clifford Evans

Mr. Parminter- Barry Morse

Diane Marsh- Catherine Schell

Countess Marie- Eunice Gayson

Gavin Jones- Garrick Hagon

Colonel Andreyev- Simon Lack

Anton Jurzyck- David Lawton

Michael- Stanley Lebor

Nicholas- Wensley Pithey

Stephen- Stephen Sheppard

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