The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Episode 5: Maid Marian

A delivery of jewels and coins are taken by the Outlaws. When counting the loot, Robin Hood identifies the coins as belonging to a family that he once knew, of the knight William of Fitzwalter. The need for the family of Fitzwalter to send their jewels to Prince John for the taxes shows that even they are not so well off. Lady Marian of Fitzwalter seeks the help of the Sheriff of Nottingham to retrieve back the jewels that were stolen from her courier, so the Sheriff and Lady Marian devise a plan. Lady Marian infiltrates Sherwood Forest to help the Sheriff capture Robin Hood and his outlaws. Lady Marian is a smoother operator than the Sheriffs men but soon realizes that she may not be at odds with Robin Hood and the Outlaws. She will have to find a way to redeem herself before its too late to save an old childhood friend.

Personal Synopsis

All the character introduction episodes are nearly done but now its time for Maid Marian’s. Her tenacity against the Sheriff and the Outlaws proves her to be a far more ballsy lady than what you could expect from a story of this time period. Bernadette O’Farrell comes in as the tireless crafty Maid Marian trying to seek out the Outlaws and retrieve what was hers and her family’s. Doing so she find an old friend and must assess his character and the character of his men. Maid Marian would continue to act as a strong female character throughout this series and does so with a beauty and charm not losing any bit of her femininity nor her honour.

Original Air-Date:  24 October 1955

Directed by Ralph Smart

Written by Anne Rodney 

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Maid Marian- Bernadette O’Farrell

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Cedric- Victor Woolf

Ned- John Drake

Nanny- Marie Burke

Much- Willoughby Gray

Edgar- Shaun Noble

Lieutenant- David Edwards

Eric- Gabriel Toyne

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