The Zoo Gang Season 1 Episode 2: Mindless Murder

Three young ladies are killed in three separate places in connection with an extortion case. Some of the Zoo Gang want to look in on this investigation and collect the reward money. An amazing jewel owned by famous actress Lyn Martin is threatened to be stolen by the extortionists. The gang takes it upon themselves to save the jewel and expose the criminals.  Stephen is questioned by the police while Lyn Martin is putting herself in danger.  The trade must be made to save Lyn from injury or death.

Personal Synopsis

An episode with a great plot line and spectacular lighting. This episode allowed for some superb individual acting performances from Lilli Palmer and John Mills as well. The actors dynamics were working hard for this quartet of aging veteran resistance fighters to not outshine each other. It was a good episode to watch a few times.


Original Air-Date:  12 April 1974

Directed by John Hough

Written by Howard Dimsdale

Thomas ‘The Elephant’ Devon- John Mills

Stephen ‘The Fox’ Halliday- Brian Keith

Manouche ‘The Leopard’ Roget- Lilli Palmer

Alec ‘The Tiger” Marlowe- Barry Morse

Michel- Roy Boyd

Anthony Martin- Clinton Greyn

Paul- Aharon Ipalé

Herbault- Perry Morris

Claude- Louis Negin

Lyn Martin- Ingrid Pitt

Jean- Alex Scott

Jill Burton- Seretta Wilson

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