The Zoo Gang Season 1 Episode 1: Revenge: Post Dated

A jeweller recognises a customer that is from his past. A past that holds the war, the gestapo and betrayal. Boucher turned over the Zoo Gang some 28 years ago to the Gestapo which resulted in Manouche’s husbands death. The old team comes together to get justice for Claude , Manouches husband, and to put Boucher behind bars for his crimes. A rash of robberies recently broadens the effort to find a connection between Boucher and the recent crimes. The Zoo Gang  begin an elaborate scheme to trick Boucher to be caught red handed for all of his crimes.

Personal Synopsis

A touching start to this 6 episode series. An old team of resistance fighters during World War 2 must come back together to avenge the death of one of their partners. Betrayal is a strong enough motivator to seek justice or create your own especially when it involves a friend or a partner. This episode is well written and enjoyable to watch. The Zoo Gang comes back again to fight crimes and get rewards for capturing wanted criminals, all to fund a hospital.


Original Air-Date:  5 April 1974

Directed by Sidney Hayers

Written by Paul Gallico and Reginald Rose

Thomas ‘The Elephant’ Devon- John Mills

Stephen ‘The Fox’ Halliday- Brian Keith

Manouche ‘The Leopard’ Roget- Lilli Palmer

Alec ‘The Tiger” Marlowe- Barry Morse

Lt. Georges Roget-  Michael Petrovitch

Jill Burton- Seretta Wilson

Chauffeur- Freddy Clarke

Boucher- Walter Gotell

Henry Davis- Robert Henderson

Mrs. Darbot- Betty Lynne

Gallery Guard- Derek Martin

Calvin Smith- Henry McCarthy

Harry Crane- Gordon Tanner

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