The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Episode 1: The Coming of Robin Hood

Coming back from the Crusades, Sir Robin of Loxley finds that his shire has changed and his lands were given to Sir Roger DeLisle. Sir Robin appeals to the Sheriff of Nottingham for a correction of this injustice but finds the Sheriff was the one that gave Sir Robin of Loxley’s land and castle to Sir Roger DeLisle. The struggle to get his castle and lands back have turned for the worse. He is now an outlaw with no rights to any of his families wealth. Revenge is not possible without further endangering himself.

Personal Synopsis

The Coming of Robin Hood begins one of ITC’s longest running television shows. For the Action/Adventure fans, the Adventures of Robin Hood would have been a rare well produced show for the younger audiences. This episode sets the storyline for the coming series with the beginnings of Robin Hood, the Outlaws and their constant battle with the Sheriff of Nottingham. A Classic tale released in the mid 1950’s by blacklisted writers from Hollywood, to me sets a standard for a children’s storyline that can be well received by all ages. Robin Hood is played as a crusader knight coming home and finding that his country being run unjustly, in the true kings absence. His fight against the powers that be becomes his cause for his fellow country and his own personal conflict.

Original Air-Date:  26 September 1955

Directed by Ralph Smart

Written by Eric HeathRing Lardner Jr.

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Forester- Victor Woolf

Sir Roger de Lisle- Leo McKern

Count de Serverne- Gerard Heinz

Edgar- Alfie Bass

Tom the Gatekeeper- Norman Macowan

Martha, Tom’s Wife- Susan Richards

Gilbert- Willoughby Gray

Sheriff’s Clerk- Gabriel Toyne

Lady de Lisle- Diana Beaumont

Outlaw- John Drake

Will Scatlock- Bruce Seton

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