The Protectors Season 2: Conclusion


Season 2 concludes a series that lasted from September 1971 to March 1974. The international cast paired with the celebrated producer Gerry Anderson (known most for work on “Thunderbirds are Go”) to create a series that captured the smoothness of a 60’s era spy/fi jet setter’s life along with a soundtrack that explores a glimpse of Soul and R&B with  powerful groovy Big Bang Brass arrangements. The episodes in Season 2 bounce up and down in quality yet builds into the grand finale, the last 4 episodes take the series out on a high note for me. I did not find many original elements to the scripts, so I watched more intently for the individual actors performances. Harry Rule, the leader of the Protectors,played by Robert Vaughn lives in Paris and his two other Protector alumni are the beautiful Contessa di Contini played by Nyree Dawn Porter, a New Zealander working in the UK, and Paul Buchet played by Tony Anholt. The Protectors were hired, sometimes unwillingly, to protect the assets or mysteries of world leaders, corporations and even an old lady.

One standout of this series is the selection of incidental music by John Cameron that blends perfectly with the jet set setting and the team of savvy confident investigators.  The Protectors was filmed in exotic locations like Malta, Salzburg and Venice as well as the home base in London. At times the screen writers limit the shows potential by writing shows with thin plot lines and convoluted dialogue. But on second view, the episodes clearly mark why this show is still available and enjoyed. It is fun and is a time capsule of its time.

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