The Protectors Season 2 Episode 15: Lena

The Protectors_Lena Title Shot

Lena is an investigative journalist, seeking to down the powerful Carpiano. She is persistent and likely to get herself killed. Harry knows she is keeping something from him which spikes his interest. Murder in the family is enough of a reason to investigate the ambitions of Carpiano and to what extent he would go to obtain power. The only witness to his treachery is hiding in Venice and Capriano is on the prowl to eliminate this witness. Harry, the Contessa and Lena must save the witness and expose Capriano’s secret.

Personal Synopsis

Another Venice episode.  One of murder and power, One of unexposed secrets and the quest to keep them as secrets. John Thaw plays Capriano as a convincing crime lord and politician. This story is simple but a much better episode than most this season.




Original Air-Date: 28 December 1973

Directed by Don Leaver

Written by Trevor Preston

Harry Rule- Robert Vaughn

Contessa Caroline di Contini- Nyree Dawn Porter

Lena Haydon- Judy Parfitt

Pursuer- Mario Depita

Russi- Roger Lloyd-Pack

Gunman- Terence Plummer

Maria Russi- Judy Bloom

Vendor- Alexander Borin

Mario Carpiano- John Thaw

Helene Morleiter- Miki Iveria

Barman- Leo Dolan

Paolo Morleiter- Frederick Peisley

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