The Protectors Season 2 Episode 4: The Last Frontier

The Protectors_The Last Frontier Title Shot

The International Conference on Medicine for Peace has come together, Irena Gayevska, a world renown scientist in nuclear science and radiation, chairs the conference. Irena was once the love interest of a parliament member who wishes for her to be taken back with him to England. However this is not possible in any normal sense since the Russian government is watching Irenas every move.  The Protectors are contracted to help Irena’s escape from the governments grasp. The escape is well planned and executed but now to fulfill the contract.

Personal Synopsis

An episode about a talented scientist not allowed to leave the country by her government. I would imagine that this is closer to reality than most stories in The Protectors repertoire.  This episode ends almost unexpectedly with an unfortunate outcome.  I can appreciate this type of episode because it shows the inevitable fallibility of the Protectors.  A good episode with a tough ending.




Original Air-Date: 12 October 1973

Directed by Charles Crichton

Written by Tony Barwick

Harry Rule- Robert Vaughn

Contessa Caroline di Contini- Nyree Dawn Porter

Paul Buchet- Tony Anholt

Irena Gayevska- Hildegard Neil

Eastbrook- William Lucas

Zhukov- Yuri Borionko

Jones- Peter Cellier

British Delegate- Dennis Clinton

First Girl- Manuela Renard

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