The Protectors Season 1 Episode 17: The Big Hit

The Big Hit Title Shot

When both the Contessa and Paul had each separate attempts on their lives and Harry nowhere to be found, the seriousness of these events becomes evident.  Luckily they have a hostage who may speak up about the assassination attempts but may need some incentive. Harry is holed up and could soon be convinced under duress to give up all the names of the Protectors. Harry is in trouble and there may not be enough time to get him out of this mess.

Personal Synopsis

This episode is an average take on a hit, I did particularly like the idea of the switched fencing teacher. The story in this episode is about the protectors having a hit put out on them but lacks the fear factor. The assassins were not believable.  As the story progress, I found myself wishing for more action and maybe a different cast. Sorry not too impressed.


Original Air-Date: 26 January 1973

Directed by Roy Ward Baker

Written by Donald James

Harry Rule- Robert Vaughn

Contessa Caroline di Contini- Nyree Dawn Porter

Paul Buchet- Tony Anholt

Suki- Yasuko Nagazumi

Chino- Anthony Chinn

Fencing Master- Arthur Howell

Assassin- Bob Anderson

Suzanne- Morag Hood

Barman- Tony Bateman

Howard’s Henchman- Carl Rigg

Howard’s Henchman- Phil Woods

Jason Howard- Derek Smith

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