The Protectors Season 1 Episode 7: The Quick Brown Fox

The Quick Brown Fox Title Shot

Contessa visits a playboy while Harry sneaks in as well. The playboy has a past that haunts europe but there are questions about how Keller became so wealthy. There is a large amount of money is missing from the German government and the only suspects are ex-nazis and Keller is one of them. When the codes for the hidden money didn’t work the nazis begin to come out of the woodwork. Keller has been continuing his nazi activities even after his prison sentence and the west german government will do anything to stop him.

Personal Synopsis

This episode is an example of likely a couple of real life cases throughout Europe in the 50’s and 60’s. Loot was taken as Germany invaded areas of Europe and some soldiers found profits after the war because of this activity. Morris Perry plays a convincing ex-Nazi who has stolen money and after a prison sentence has collected the hidden money. I liked a few elements in this story such as the high pitch recording to distract the dogs while Harry was being chased and the horribly edited photo with Morris Perry’s character behind Adolf Hitler. A good episode to watch.


Original Air-Date: 10 November 1972

Directed by Don Chaffey

Written by Donald James

Harry Rule- Robert Vaughn

Contessa Caroline di Contini- Nyree Dawn Porter

Paul Buchet- Tony Anholt

Chino- Anthony Chinn

Hans Keller- Morris Perry

Osuna- Mark Malicz

Helga Gratz- Anna Matisse

Monica- Angela Grant

Banker- Christopher Benjamin

Spanish Official- Kenneth Hendel

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