Strange Report : Conclusion

Strange Report

To say that Strange Report was the beginning of the CSI-type shows may be pushing it, but it does have elements of scientific discovery to help the criminal investigation along. The show stands as a classic tv series of criminal investigation but is usually forgotten or never even looked at by the general audience. Strange Report was originally broadcasted in 1969, a time that is reflected by the filming quality and the London locations. Adam Strange played by Sir Anthony Quayle is a retired criminologist who is called upon by various departments of the government to assist in solving some of their baffling crimes. He is joined by Hamlyn Gynt,played by Kaz Garas, the token American who possesses the scientific know how to delve into the cases microscopically and joining them is Evelyn played by Anneke Wills. Anneke plays the role of neighbour/artist that helps the duo of Strange and Gynt providing the feminine charm that this show so desperately needed. There were 16 episodes produced almost specifically for the US market but the show met its untimely demise when Anthony and Anneke would not move to Los Angeles to continue on with the production.

The entire series was filmed on location and at Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire between July 1968 and March 1969.  The opening theme was composed by Roger Webb, who has worked on other productions like Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the even more tawdry Boogie Nights.

Although throughout my posts for this show I have been critical of the story-lines, I still highly recommend this series for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, the setting of late 60’s London is enchanting for me because it lies on the cusp of modern day television. It is around that time that TV became a bit more graphic and bit more action filled versus developing a strong script along with the action. It is also a bit less “adult”, no scantily clad women but more focus on the deceitful smart elegant woman as the females subject. Secondly, Anthony Quayle is superb and is in nearly everything he’s been in. His voice is liking to James Mason’s but with a tiny bit more natural tone to it. He does a remarkable job at filling in the gaps the writers and directors may have missed by his ways of acting in the character of Adam Strange. Thirdly, the supporting cast, the series is filled with familiar faces that have graced the TV before for ITC but also bigger names that may do one episode but gives the series some legitimacy in the DVD collection.

This was a great series to watch and someday I will watch it again.


Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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One thought on “Strange Report : Conclusion

  1. Anthony Quayle wasn’t knighted until 1985, long after this, so it’s inappropriate to use the title in the text.
    Although Gynt clearly knows his way around a laboratory, surely the real “scientific know how” and the ideas for investigation come mostly or entirely from the ex-criminologist Strange.

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