Strange Report Episode 15: Report 4407 Heart-No Choice for the Donor

Heart Title Shot

When a top surgeon goes missing, his wife seeks Adam Strange to investigate where he could be. This investigation unveils a sinister medical plot that involves a dying dictator and strong young men to be used as experiments to keep the dictator alive. As the story develops, the lengths that the dictators henchmen would go to keep him alive surprises everyone. Somehow, Strange will need to set them up and has the perfect answer to that need.

Personal Synopsis

A great episode that keeps your heart pumping, sorry. Nonetheless this story is unique, I found the medical mystery for why the athletic men was being taken unlike any other story I’ve heard or watched. I was fascinated by the concept of organ robbery for supposed important members of society. This seems far fetched but I’m still inclined to believe this has been thought of.


Original Air-Date: January 4, 1970

Directed by Robert Asher

Written by Edward De Blasio

Adam Strange- Anthony Quayle

Hamlyn Gynt- Kaz Garas

Evelyn McLean- Anneke Wills

Man- Fredric Abbott

Inspector Collins- Peter Cellier

Inspector Lowe- William Dysart

Doctor Comitas- Gordon Faith

Segaris- Kenneth Griffith

Dr. Sanders- Robert Hardy

Tony Williams- Mark Hawkins

The Landlady- Hazel Hughes

Detective- Kenneth Ives

Professor Marks- Charles Lloyd Pack

Doctor Lambrus- Michael Martin

Mrs. Sanders- Barbara Murray

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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