Strange Report Episode 14: Kidnap: Whose Pretty Girl Are You

Kidnap Title Shot

A beauty queen is kidnapped and her overprotective father will do anything to get her back. Strange is asked to investigate outside of Scotland Yard’s knowledge. The young lady was unhappy with her father getting married after her mothers death. A ransom note is asking for money for the return of Jennifer and her father is willing to pay it. Strange finds the evidence all wrong and he questions the legitimacy of this case. With the idea of the ransom floating around their heads it is possible to see a possible change in mind in the kidnappers. Jennifer may actually be in trouble but not if Strange and the team can get to her first.

Personal Synopsis

This episode of the bitter rich girl who wants to do what she wants to do. She would even go as far as faking danger to herself in order to scare and frustrate her father. The episode is a good watch and does emphasise the power money has over people, enough to even change their intentions. David Bauer is wonderful in this show just as he has been in many other ITC shows.


Original Air-Date: 28 December 1969

Directed by Daniel Petrie

Written by Don Brinkley

Adam Strange- Anthony Quayle

Hamlyn Gynt- Kaz Garas

Evelyn McLean- Anneke Wills

Toby- Ian Ogilvy

Otis Dean- David Bauer

Jennifer Dean- Sally Geeson

Perk- Richard O’Sullivan

George Lucas- Peter Jones

Louise- Caroline Blakiston

Inspector Hughes- John Arnatt

Newspaper Reporter- Neville Barber

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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