Strange Report Episode 12: Sniper: When Is Your Cousin Not?

Sniper Title Shot

A gunshot into the heart of the student movement in the Peoples Republic stirs up anger across the country. Strange is met by a fake relative trying to convince him to go to the Peoples Republic, knowing that this was a trick Strange followed along to see why he was beckoned. He is then asked to investigate the death of a student who lead the fight for freedoms and rights against the powerful government. The trail of evidence lays paths of confusion as alibis and motive interlock in one of Strange’s most difficult case. With the regime looking over Strange’s shoulder, the pressure to find out the killer is growing steadily. It could be anyone.

Personal Synopsis

This episode is a generic student uprising show where the head representative is killed by possibly any of a number of people. I didn’t really like this episode much, maybe for its similarities to other Strange Report episodes and the vagueness of the details of the story. The “People’s Republic” is the setting of this story but I can’t believe the writers couldn’t at least make up a name for a stereotypical eastern block country, especially instead of the generic name they gave it. There is a good cast in this episode, one of my favourites Martin Shaw and a classic ITC actor Alan MacNaughton but also Vladek Sheybal who always adds a creepiness to any story.


Original Air-Date: 14 December 1969

Directed by Peter Medak

Written by Nicholas Palmer

Adam Strange- Anthony Quayle

Hamlyn Gynt- Kaz Garas

Evelyn McLean- Anneke Wills

Marisha- Lelia Goldoni

Kulik- Vladek Sheybal

Olenka- Kika Markham

Savi- Martin Shaw

Colonel Vajda- Alan MacNaughton

Pavel Gordy- Sandor Elès

Taran- Michael Turner

Security Man- John Abineri

TV Studio Manager- Michael Sheard

Cafe Proprietor- Rod Beacham

Medical Student- Scott Fredericks

Hotel Proprietress- Joan Newell

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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