Strange Report Episode 8: Report 2475 Revenge: When a Man Hates

Revenge Title Shot

Outside of prison awaits the loving wife of a convicted criminal with dreams of starting a new life together.  This is only a dream since the thought of revenge is the main focal point of her husband. Strange is made aware of a burglary at a gunsmith with a connection to Strange himself. The authorities are worried that someone is trying to take Strange out due to his history of putting criminals in prison. The wife of  the release criminal is becoming more and more suspicious about the activities of her husband and seeks to find out what is going on. Murders of a judge and prosecutor clearly point to the revenge being taken out by the released criminal. Its now important for Strange to find him if only to save his own life.

Personal Synopsis

This story is a classic theme of revenge towards the law enforcement whom put the criminal behind bars. The failure to blame oneself and blame others is a common act in human nature but rarely does it have such ramifications. The episode is filled with great performances by Rosemary Leach as Mary Hanson and by Julian Glover as the eccentric criminal James Hanson.  I found the story interesting to watch but its style is in the “dunnit” form where both sides of the story are played out nearly simultaneously leaving very little mystery as to what will happen.


Original Air-Date: 9 November 1969

Directed by Charles Crichton

Written by Martin Hall

Adam Strange- Anthony Quayle

Hamlyn Gynt- Kaz Garas

Evelyn McLean- Anneke Wills

James Hanson- Julian Glover

Mary Hanson- Rosemary Leach

Inspector Jenner- John Thaw

Churchill- James Cossins

Mrs Rogers- Gabrielle Hamilton

Brinkley- Alfred Bell

Secretary- Geraldine Sherman

Michael- Wade Barker

Bill- Richard Beaumont

Antrobus- Llewellyn Rees

Office Boy- Stephen Whittaker

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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