The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Episode 28: The Mortaise Fair

A fair is being held in Camelot so their are many traders from distant lands to sell their goods. Queen Guinevere officially starts the fair but an accident occurred and in the melee the Queen’s emerald was stolen. The soldiers arrest one of the traders for the theft but Lancelot does not believe all the truths are told. Sir Lancelot devises a plan to get the thief out in the open but the thief may be closer than they think.

Personal Synopsis

By far the most International of the episodes, albeit the various foreigners are still being played by Englishmen. I do love the costumes on the cast and this being a colour episode really emphasizes the quality of the costumes. This episode strangely shows  the racism being experienced throughout the world at the time, towards people of colour. I did enjoy this episode for its pageantry.


Original Air-date: 20 May 1957

Directed by Lawrence Huntington

Written by Leslie Poynton

Sir Lancelot du Lac- William Russell

Brian- Robert Scroggins

Queen Guinevere- Jane Hylton

Hassim- Martin Benson

Zuleika- Chin Yu

Baron Mortaise- William Franklyn

Osbert- Eric Corrie

Ronk- Edward Judd

Man-at-Arms- Terry Yorke

Merchant- Robert Robinson

Rajah- Reginald Hearne

Chinese Dice Player- Paul Way

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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