The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Episode 23: The Lady Lilith

The Lady Lilith Title Shot

Sir William has died and has only left one daughter and no heirs to his wealth and castle. Sir Liones lays claims to the castle since he is nearest male of kin. Lady Lilith has been keeping the castle since the age of 14 when her father became an invalid. When he died he requested that his daughter would take the inheritance but this is disputed by the law. Lilith will not yield lightly. Sir Lancelot is forced to deal with the Lady Lilith and he has his hands full. There must be a solution that will allow both parties to be happy.

Personal Synopsis

A charming tale of a woman who would not give up what she feels is rightfully hers and defending it. Shirley Cooklin plays the stubborn woman and is perfectly match with Richard Leech’s indignant knight character. This is a good watch and I would consider it one of the best in the series.


Original Air-date: 22 April 1957

Directed by Lawrence Huntington

Written by Leslie Poynton

Sir Lancelot du Lac- William Russell

King Arthur- Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Merlin- Cyril Smith

Brian- Robert Scroggins

Lady Lilith Goodhugh- Shirley Cooklin

Sir Liones- Richard Leech

Able- Edward Judd

Sir Kay- David Morrell

Seneschal- Eric Corrie

Blacksmith- Reginald Hearne

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