The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Episode 19: Sir Crustabread

Sir Crustabread Title Shot

Lancelot was prisoner in Castle Acalon but not by Sir Acalon but by his crooked guards. Brian helped him escaped but Lancelot seeks revenge. Lady Eleanor is being forced into a marriage with the Baron Braynor and her sister Lady Lynette seeks help from the champions of the court. Lancelot is knighted Sir Crustabread to hide his identity from Lady Eleanor and the rest of the Castle Acalon. He is sent to the castle to find out whats going on, on his way he is ambushed and defended Lady Lynette from danger. Lancelot proves his valour through feats and earns the respect of Lady Lynette.  Lancelot, in disguise, gets into the castle and causing a disruption to Baron Braynors plans.

Personal Synopsis

This episode is about treachery in the ranks. A local Baron with high hopes on the prize of King of England takes over a castle. The episode features a rather large cast and features two female characters, a pretty rare casting call. It is a good watch and I find the story interesting enough for another watch some time later.


Original Air-date: 11 March 1957

Directed by Lawrence Huntington

Written by Leslie Poynton

Sir Lancelot du Lac- William Russell

King Arthur- Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Merlin- Cyril Smith

Sir Kay- David Morrell

Lady Lynette- Virginia Vernon

Baron Braynor- Hector Ross

Lady Eleanor- Roma Dunville

Sir Grinamore- Alan Edwards

Sir Gawaine- Brian Nissen

Sir Christopher- Frederick Jaeger

Captain- Reginald Hearne

Baker- Sidney Vivian

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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