The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Episode 11: Caledon

Caledon Title Shot

To ensure a friendship with the King of Scotland, King Arthur must travel through some of the most dangerous tribes of England, risking attack. Sir Lancelot convinces the King that there is only need for one knight to make the perilous journey and Lancelot volunteers for the job. Sir Lancelot is ambushed and his horse is killed, he heads to the camp of the local tribe to get another horse. The tribe are a rough group of thugs that slyly give Lancelot a horse but this turns against Lancelot.  A bracelet is stolen from Lancelot while being knocked out. He pursues the thieves to retrieve what is his.

Personal Synopsis

Another adventurous episode where Lancelot takes the wrong and makes it right. This story starts in one direction and ends in another. I do like the rogue tribe storyline but I feel it could have been directed in more terrorizing fashion. The tribe was not in any way a threat and so therefore the drama is limited.


Original Air-date: 17 December 1956

Directed by Terry Bishop

Written by Leighton Reynolds

Sir Lancelot du Lac- William Russell

King Arthur- Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Merlin- Cyril Smith

Queen Guinevere- Jane Hylton

Jaggyd- George Murcell

Farmer- Nigel Green

Sir Kay- David Morrell

Sir Lionel- Paul Williamson

Farmer’s Son- John Gale

First Warrior- Derren Nesbitt

Guard- Gary Thorne

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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