The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Episode 7: The Pirates

The Pirates Title Shot

Pirates are terrorising the coastal cities, pillaging the countryside along with it. Word is given by a strange new visitor that the pirates intend on attacking King Arthur’s castle.  The visitor gets a tour of the castle and somehow becomes a guest of the king.  When Sir Lancelot was not looking he was caught unaware of the pending danger. The Pirates are strong but not strong enough against the Knights of the Round Table.

Personal Synopsis

I love pirate themed anything so this was a more than usual enjoyed episode. Noel Purcell plays the most animated character in the series thus far. The “Pirates” look more like Vikings which is the implied type of bandit taking over the English villages.


Original Air-date: 31 December1956

Directed by Bernard Knowles

Written by Leighton Reynolds , Leslie Poynton

Sir Lancelot du Lac- William Russell

King Arthur- Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Guinevere- Jane Hylton

Llian- Noel Purcell

Merlin- Cyril Smith

Sir Kay- David Morrell

Mackevin- Derren Nesbitt

Villager- Frederick Treves

Sir Lionel- Paul Williamson

Old Man- Douglas Argent

Man-at-Arms- Gary Thorne

Captain- John Gale

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

You can Buy the DVD here:

Sir Lancelot DVD

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