The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Episode 5: Winged Victory

Winged Victory Title Shot

The King is held by a promise made to Prince Boudwin. Prince Boudwin’s castle is being attacked by King Mark, so King Arthur must help the Prince defeat King Mark. There is trickery afoot and King Mark has deceived the round table. When Lancelot is captured King Mark didnt realise that Lancelot has trick up his sleeve. Help was to come on a pair of wings.

Personal Synopsis

A simple episode about carrier pigeons and scuffles between kings. The fake bird used in the episode is a fun visual prop. A good story with a standard ending.


Original Air-date: 29 October1956

Directed by Arthur Crabtree

Written by John Ridgely

Sir Lancelot du Lac- William Russell

King Arthur- Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Brian- Robert Scroggins

King Mark- Nigel Green

Prince Boudwin- Douglas Argent

Queen Isoult- Mary Laura Wood

Emissary- Gary Thorne

Sir Tristram- Derren Nesbitt

Sir Claud- David Morrell

Torture Master- John Gale

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

You can Buy the DVD here:

Sir Lancelot DVD

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