The Baron : Conclusion

The Baron

The Baron

This post concludes all of my posts of The Baron episodes. Unfortunately due to the lack of audience the studio decided not to renew the series but yet we are left with a small portion of fun television which is a staple of the time. Even after the years, The Baron is still quite unique in its delivery of good old crime fiction television. I may speak for myself but I always get excited when I can sit back on the couch and re-watched of few of these episodes. There are countless cameos and some great performances by budding acting stars and older fading away actors in their twilight years.

My observations of the series as a whole is reasonable glittered with my adoration of these stereotypical good guy solving crimes TV shows.  It must be the child in me that finds it difficult to condemn anything from this series. There are some episodes which fall flat and some noticeable differences each producer added to the mix. I think the series was enhanced by the varying quality of the writing and direction. I cannot praise the cast any more than I do simply because the glamour and the confidence is seen even when the script lacks lustre. Sue Lloyd is a personal favourite since she represent a type of woman that I’ve always admired even if she was just acting. Steve Forrest with his tamed Texan accent balanced the screen with his charm and innate ability to smooth his way into some very high places. I envy this.

Twas a good time and I shall visit this series again.


Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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