The Baron Episode 29: Countdown

The Baron Countdown Title Shot

Mannering meets a diversion as he is driving  and is assualted by some thugs who want the letter from the man, Stanley White, whom John is going to visit. The kidnappers take the letter and go to the meeting in disguise as Mannering. A medieval sword stolen some time ago has resurfaced and a few different parties want it desperately. When the contact for The Baron is killed there are many unanswered questions to figure out. While the police investigate, Mannering looks into a lead in Arkin Morley, a rival antique collector and dealer.  The Morley lead almost proved costly when an attempt was made on John’s life. A message left by the dead Stanley White, directs John and Cordelia to the Parkstone House, but Morley has followed them. The quest for the sword may have taken years but it all falls apart in just a short time.

Personal Synopsis

A wonderful episode with many classic murder scenes. This is a fun episode about a medieval sword that was stolen and the whereabouts is only recently known. It is also nice to see a competing antique personality in this show.  There is nothing extrordinary about this episode but the terrible acting will entertain you well throughout the show.


Air-date: 12 April 1967

Directed by Robert Asher

Written by Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia Winfield- Sue Lloyd

Arkin Morley- Edward Woodward

Stanley White- Harold Lang

‘Fats’ Logan- Michael Wynne

Hamilton- Peter Brace

Yates- Leslie White

Police Inspector- David King

Film Director- Malcolm Farquhar

Film Actress- Valerie Leon

Compton- Philip Locke

You can Buy the DVD here:

The Baron DVD

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