The Baron Episode 27: Roundabout

The Baron Roundabout Title Shot

The scorned wife of an aquaintence of Mannerings is found nearly dead after being choked by a would be assasin which nearly got John killed as well. The owner of Johns Paris store is dealing with something illegal so John has to investigate further. After a haircut that nearly took too much off, John was assured that there was a criminal operation in place within his shop. The Baron plays the game and sneaks his way into the inner workings of the operation. Theres a new drug exchange to be made that John will be in on but not without some difficulties. A double cross is not enough to get the traffickers away and free, John will see to that.

Personal Synopsis

On the surface this episode has very intriguing plot lines with the antique dealer running a drug trafficking racket and it does fulfill the need for mystery.  Its a good episode in story and visually with the beautiful Annette Andre playing a Drug Traffic Officer. The lack of Sue Lloyds Cordelia character is noticeable for me since I have grown accustomed to her in the last few episodes. I find the first death scene wonderfully cheezy and you’ll see what I mean.


Paris, France


Original Air-date: 29 March 1967

Directed by Robert Tronson

Written by Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Jeanne Varda- June Ritchie
Georges Delair- Edwin Richfield
Samantha Ballard- Annette Andre
Lisa Delair- Lisa Daniely
Inspector Macaulay- Norman Bird
Peter Savel- Sandor Elès
Richard Bates- Ewan Roberts
Claudine- Lisa Thomas

You can Buy the DVD here:

The Baron DVD

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