The Baron Episode 26: The Long, Long Day

The Baron The Long, Long Day Title Shot

An evening party in Rome was going well until a known mafiaoso Bruno Navini kills a young lady named Pia Vallachio because she refused his advances. Brunos elder brother Mario has to help dispose of the body before anyone can realise she is missing but someone does see the dead girl, Maria Pullerno.  As the Navinis are disposing of Pias body, Maria escapes, since it was inevitable that she would be next. Mannering is in Italy for business and while so is approached by the Italian Minister of Justice to look into the case of the murdered lady. This would take The Baron to the little village of Santa Montena where Maria is in hiding. The Mafia has followed John to Santa Montena to find Maria and shut her mouth for good. After a daring escape, Mannering, along with some of the villagers, was able to save Maria and eliminate the mafioso running after her all while fighting against the growing underworld of mafia infiltration in Italian society.

Personal Synopsis

This episode, being one of the later ones in this series, does show a decline in the energy of writing but it does not go without some merit to the overall story. I did enjoy seeing Peter Arne whom has played in many favourite movies of mine. To some degree the story has a plausibility but lacks the extra adventurous style that The Baron would normally display and is known for. A worthy watch if only for Peter Arne and his hollywood shoot down death scene.


Original Air-date: 29 March 1967

Directed by Roy Ward Baker

Written by Brian Clemens

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia Winfield- Sue Lloyd

Mario Navini- Peter Arne

Guiseppe Borzo- John Bluthal

Barman- John Bryans
Murphy- Eddie Byrne
Pia Vallachio- Sue Donovan
Maria Pullerno- Dalia Penn
Bruno Navini- Brian Rawlinson
Pantoni- Neil Robinson
Vittoria Guardy- Richard Warner

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The Baron DVD

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