The Baron Episode 24: Long Ago and Far Away

Long Ago and Far Away Title Shot

Cordelia is in South America to visit Senior Petrarca to inspect some Aztec finds that John may be interested in purchasing but suddenly the police are at the door and Senior Petrarca is gone leaving Cordelia with the wrath of the police. When Cordelia does not show up in Los Angeles as expected, John heads to South America to see what has happened to Cordelia. An old client is there but is obviously hiding information about senior Petrarca and Cordelia so John decides to head into the jungle. The jungle is filled with many mysteries including a secret coup ready to take place with stockpiled weapons at their ready. Senior Petrarca is shot trying to escape all while Mannering surveys the jungle for more leads into the whereabouts of Cordelia. Mannering will need to help Cordelia escape and avoid at all cost the destruction of the country.

Personal Synopsis

This episode shows the greed from an ex-ruler of a country trying to get his way back into power through might versus politics, a standard story in my opinion. I wish there was more creativity in creating names for these exotic locations for example with this episode in vague South America as a locale. This story compared to many of the episodes in this series actually has a possibility of being feasible when most have the air of fantasy that in many ways is the contributing factor to its cult status. This is a good episode with some notable stars in certain roles.


Original Air-date: 8 March 1967

Directed by Robert Asher

Written by Dennis Spooner

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia Winfield- Sue Lloyd

Roland Haswell- Barrie Ingham

Rafael- Douglas Wilmer

Ramon Petrarca- Alex Scott

Captain Heifetz- Eric Pohlmann

Joaquin Salvador- Paul Stassino

Gautier- Michael Forrest

Phillipe- David Swift

Eleanor Saumarez- Annette Carell

Gambler in El Hamra Bar- Barry Linehan

Bartender- Peter Hutchins

Lieutenant- Jonathan Elsom

1st Policeman- Conrad Monk

2nd Policeman- George Zenios

Airline Hostess- Janna Hill

You can Buy the DVD here:

The Baron DVD

One thought on “The Baron Episode 24: Long Ago and Far Away

  1. In your comments, you always mention ‘This is a good episode’…For this one, it isn’t true. It’s better to mention the good and the bad ones in order to know what are the real good episodes !

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