The Baron Episode 23: The Edge of Fear

The Edge of Fear Title Shot

During an Air France flight, a man is found very sick and the doctor warns about the possibility of his illness being a case of typhoid. This was only a rouse and the doctor and ambulance driver are found dead after getting off the plane. After some suspicious activity at the antique shop, the effort has to be made to find out who is watching Mannering. A certain item of worldwide fame in the art world was stolen in Paris but this information has not been released to the public and the thieves cannot sell it without a proper art experts assessment to verify its authenticity. Mannering is asked to help verify this prized art piece for Lord Mountford an old client but dangers are abound with this job. Mannering does not want to corroborate but is forced to at gunpoint. It may be the real deal but there may first need to be a trial by fire.

Personal Synopsis

A good story about the missing mona lisa trying to be flogged to a rich aristocrat in England played by Ian Wheatley, who has cameos throughout the ITC collection of TV shows including a favourite The Adventures of Robin Hood. This glimpse into the backend story of stolen art being sold on the black market is fun and entertaining.


Original Air-date: 1 March 1967

Directed by Quentin Lawrence

Written by Dennis Spooner

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia Winfield- Sue Lloyd

Kent Jordan- William Franklyn

Colbert- Willoughby Goddard

Lord Mountford- Alan Wheatley

Cerdan- John Abineri

Foster- Gerald Sim

Richards- David Cargill

Dr. Poulton- Paul Dawkins

Dr. Summers- David Beale

Air Hostess- Dafna Dan

Coleman- John Gatrell

You can Buy the DVD here:

The Baron DVD

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