The Baron Episode 20: The High Terrace

The High Terrace Title Shot

A woman jumps off a bridge in London some men in a boat have retrieved the dead body from the water. John and Cordelia are ready to sell a consignment of Medicis to a client, Phyllis Thornton, when they arrive to her apartment she is missing and inside is a man rummaging through her belongings. Fearing he may lose his investment if his client is not found, Mannering seeks out to find her whereabouts. Phyllis’s husband suggests Mannering to visit Madame Bregonzi who may know where Phyllis is but not without her own pageantry. After taking another look at Phyllis Thornton’s apartment, Mannering finds a small clue about one of her dodgy affiliations, The Order of Seven Stars. This religious cult is closed to the public and are not willingly giving much details about Phyllis’s whereabouts. John suspects some sort of foulplay and searches for what lies the Chosen One is passing off as truths. As the answers become more clear, Mannering will have to find a way to get Mrs Thornton back to a normal society.

Personal Synopsis

The premise of this episode is a quite scary situation. A closed off religious cult keeping a follower from the outside world is not that far fetched in this day and age. The story is quite entertaining due to the ominous nature of religious sects and the money they try to obtain from their rich followers. I find it funny to see the “Chosen One” is actually reasonably shorter than most of the other character, not impressive, but his acting and voice certainly help pull off the crooked religious leader.


Original Air-date: 8 February 1967

Directed by Robert Asher

Written by Dennis Spooner

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia Winfield- Sue Lloyd

The Chosen One- Max Adrian

Rhys Brown- Del Baker

Clifford Thornton- Robert Bridges

Inspector Summers- John Collin

Reynolds- John Crocker

Sara Knight- Jan Holden

Phyllis Thornton- Veronica Hurst

Madame Bregonzi- Phyllis Montefiore

Porter- Joe Ritchie

Johnny Haswell- Donald Webster

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The Baron DVD

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