The Baron Episode 19: You Can’t Win Them All

You Can't Win Them All Title Shot

The Petrograd icons are missing and presumed stolen. A small time thief whom the owner of the Peerage Club, Stefton Folkard, believes took them from him is beaten and roughed up but escapes into the polices arms. The thief, Ronnie Osbourne, tells the police that he needs to speak with John Mannering to tell him the Petrograd icons are secretly stashed away and not in the museum where it was supposed to be. The Museum curator is acting suspiciously and very defensive when John confronts him with the idea that the icons are missing. The thief escapes from jail but there is now sign of him until he is found dead. The death trail leads John to the icons and Mr. Stefton Folkard, a high rolling casino owner with expensive tastes. Mannering wants to icons back in their rightful place yet he will have to outsmart Folkard to get them back. A card game with a very high risk and with a “slight” advantage in the Houses favor, Mannering will have work with a disadvantage to find the right hand.

Personal Synopsis

Personally I find the drama of card game tantalizing especially with high stakes and this episode delivers. I also enjoy the historically significance of the Petrograd icons, you may know that the city of St Petersburg was once called Petrograd but for a decade between 1914 to 1924 and change to Leningrad when Lenin died in 1924. This is a good episode with enough drama to add some substance to this series.


Original Air-date: 1 February 1967

Directed by Don Chaffey

Written By- Dennis Spooner

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia- Sue Lloyd

Sefton Folkard- Sam Wanamaker

Jim Gaynor- Peter Bowles

Warder (as Ken Haward)- Ken Barker

Tredgett- John Bown

Warder- Edwin Brown

Whetlor- David Burke

Ronnie Osbourne- John Cater

Darby- Tony Caunter

Coburn- Mark Dignam

Sgt. Copley- Douglas Livingstone

Chief Insp. Filmer- Reginald Marsh

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The Baron DVD

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