The Baron Episode 18: A Memory of Evil

A Memory of Evil Title Shot

High upon the mountain is a lost father and now sister. The father is found shot and is not able to escape down the mountain but leaves his daughter, Nicola Holz, with a golden eagle to give to Captain Mannering. Nicola being unaware of the eagles importance is being followed by two suspicious men that are after what she has.  The eagle is from a collection that was stolen by the Nazis but was reportedly burned in a salt mine explosion when invading forces were near by. An up and coming facist group are growing in Austria and are likely to have started funding there endeavours with the newly found stolen goods. Mannering must traverse the mountain side to find the stolen goods and Nicola. A tunnel chase ensues but there may not be a way out.

Personal Synopsis

A wonderful story of hidden treasures stolen by the Nazi’s and the uprising of a Nazi sympathizer fascist group to bring back the glory and power that the Nazis once had. This episode also sews up some details on Mannering’s history and why he is a Antiques Dealer. I have always been quite intrigued by World War II and the rise of the groups who could have taken over Europe and possibly the world so this story does find an audience with me.


Original Air-date: January 25, 1967

Directed by Don Chaffey

Written By- Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

David Marlow- Paul Ferris

Cordelia- Sue Lloyd

Templeton-Green- Colin Gordon

Curt Hoffman- Robert Hardy

Nikki Holz- Ann Bell

Heller- Edwin Richfield

Lucien Holz- Frederick Bartman

Oscar Dancer- Jon Rollason

Josef Holz- John Tate

Rudi Gemmel- Danvers Walker

Heinz- Mark Petersen

Granger- John Cazabon

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