The Baron Episode 17: Time to Kill

Mannering and Cordelia are in Spain for an antique purchase in Madrid. The Vitale family have a Emerald Cameo Brooch with a sinister legend behind it that whomever owns the brooch will have misfortune. Cristina Vitale is scared of this legend and arranges to sell the brooch to a sick Cordelia but is killed when her car swerves off a cliff. This could have been a horrible accident but when Mr Vitale is found dead the mystery of both deaths cant be avoided by the Police. There is someone who wants that brooch and Cordelia just may find who it is. The trail leads Cordelia to an eccentric scientist who sold the brooch to Mr Vitale but things go awry when the scientist holds her hostage. Mannering will have to find a way to get her out of the toxic mess.

Personal Synopsis

For some reason in this episode, the music seems to be far more dramatic and loud to emphasise the horrible effect of the brooch’s legend. The exotic location is reasonably done considering that its likely this was filmed on a studio lot in middle england. A decent episode with a moments of bad acting but enjoyable nonetheless.


Original Air-date: 18 January 1967

Directed by Jeremy Summers

Written by John Creasey and Dennis Spooner

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia- Sue Lloyd

Vincente Carreras- David Garth

Menendez- Peter Bowles

Captain Sereda- George Murcell

Justo Vitale- Hamilton Dyce

Cristina Vitale- Geraldine Moffat

Carlos Lamas- Edward Brayshaw

Gardo- Steven Scott

Josefina- Freda Knorr

Hotel Clerk- David Calderisi

Taxi Driver- David Lander

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The Baron DVD

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